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Technological assessment

Our professionalism and our know-how to document,  certify and enhance your innovative project 

When an organization introduces a technological innovation project internally, it is physiologically necessary to develop a formalized planning in feasibility studies, specifications, investment plans etc.

This type of documentation, addressed in the first instance to the company management, takes the form of an official document when the recipients  are the stakeholders external to the team.

This type of documents can, for example, be functional to the presentation of a project for calls for tender, the recognition of tax breaks and super-amortization.  for investments in Industry 4.0 ,

or for the valuation in the balance sheet of the company's intangible technological assets (eg developed software, know-how, Research and Development activities).

Within its Technical Department, Project360 has  Engineers enrolled in the Order  in the Third Sector who can issue technical appraisals in accordance with the law.

This type of service can be provided independently and released from other consultancy services.

However, it is advisable to use this service in relation to the other consultancy services provided by Project360, in order to be able to include these services within the budget for the design and engineering activities.



Analysis and qualification of innovative projects, aimed at identifying the technologies and solutions that can be used



Appraisals  techniques  made by  Engineers enrolled in the Third Sector of the Order, qualified to certify investments functional to access to the Industry 4.0 Plan



Drafting and formalization

of the functional specifications for participation in tenders,

for internal use or for the development of outsourced projects




Evaluation of intangible assets to be operated as part of the Audit

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