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By 2035 , approx  50% of the work  existing ones will disappear and 75% of workers will not work from an office.


Digital transformation is changing the way of working and will continue to do so, with cycles of 3-5 years and across all product sectors, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Unlike in the past, almost all of the  technologies and enabling solutions for this type of interventions are no longer the exclusive prerogative of large companies, but  instead they are increasingly open and accessible.


Consequently, the technological game is now played on the ability to design , on implementation and, more generally, on creativity and common sense in identifying the best solution.

Project360  supports the customer in his needs to deal with this scenario, providing solutions for both short-term needs and  in the long-term technological strategy.


much more than a concept

Project360 designs and develops solutions for your business according to the NET.CO.WORK.ING concept. This way of operating substantiates its potential in carrying out projects online, within the general framework of Open Innovation .


NET.CO.WORK.ING guarantees the adequate dissemination of projects, allowing to involve the most reliable stakeholders both for the design and development phase, as well as

for marketing and co-financing.

Using the NET.CO.WORK.ING as an organizational and dissemination model, Small and Medium Enterprises, individually or in groups / consortia / networks, therefore have the possibility of enabling the scalability of the projects undertaken.


Finally, developing a project online allows the best implementation of the project strategy.
















In the Italian landscape of business consultancy, a great paradox is represented by the fact that SMEs, while representing the great majority both in terms of numbers and GDP produced, are generally neglected by the large multinationals of management, strategic and IT consultancy.

Project360 helps clients to fill this gap of professionalism and human, technical and financial resources, not easily available by SMEs.

Both for individual customers who intend to develop small projects for specific needs, as well as for SMEs who intend to develop larger and more ambitious innovative projects by "networking", Project360 can offer professional services and expert systems at sustainable economic conditions, also intervening financially in order to to be able to involve  the best software houses and system integrators on the Italian scene.

Our working method

1. Sharing of problems, needs and objectives 

Clearly identifying your problems and needs is the first step

in order to define the goals you would like to achieve.

2. Process and business model analysis 

We analyze your organizational structure, the production cycle, the strengths of your business and the areas for potential improvement from our point of view.

3. Search for the Solution

With a clear picture of the current situation and future objectives, we seek and propose sustainable and practicable solutions, both in the short and medium-long term.

4. Technological Benchmark and Factor Analysis  innovation

We evaluate the impact and sustainability (economic, financial, environmental, technological)  of the proposed solutions, identifying the innovation factors and carefully comparing them with the state of the art and / or with the open technologies available. 

5. Drafting of the project proposal

We translate the previous analyzes into a requirements analysis document.

We proceed with the functional analysis activities and develop one or more project proposals functional both to internal development and to external co-financing.

6. Budgeting

Based on the project proposals, we clearly explain how to best plan the budget for expenses and investments,  helping you to

co-finance your initiative.

7. Project development

We start from a demo or "MVP" (Product or minimum solution addressable to the market or to the production cycle), then proceeding to involve the most appropriate technological and market partners and developing the project in the technological, "go-live" and "Go-to-finance".

8. Permanent know-how update

All the projects undertaken by Project360 are followed in the post-sales phase to make the appropriate updates and to ensure the correct implementation of the related  strategy.  

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