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Managed Services

Discover all the post-sale services that Project360 can offer to your company

Managed Services support your company with continuous assistance, scheduled and extraordinary maintenance and upgrades of the hardware and software components of your solution.

For smaller and not particularly complex projects, the need for this kind of services is entirely optional, while for projects with a specific weight - economic and technological - more considerable, Managed Services have a strategic value and, while maintaining a component optional, they are necessary to guarantee 100% system reliability and the ability to manage any

malfunctions (mainly attributable to the server / cloud system infrastructure and the hardware component).

The use of the services also guarantees the possibility of taking advantage of the evolutionary maintenance and upgrading of systems and solutions, which will be improved at the same time as Project360 releases new versions.   

The assistance for troubleshooting and recovery can offer you dedicated 24/7 support, in the forms you deem most appropriate and therefore opting for remote support or on-site interventions.


Updates and new released versions of applications / solutions


Scheduled maintenance e  performance analysis 


Continuous assistance h.24 7/7 for technical or service problems


Management of customer and system infrastructure

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