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System Integration

We can improve the dialogue between pre-existing systems or enable the integration of these with a new system or digital solution.

We design and develop software aimed at system integration, that is, solutions that integrate  complex and legacy systems  in an innovative way, introducing and synthesizing tools that allow to render  usable, via intranet, internet or extranet, processes and information that are not normally disseminated via the web.

For example, integrate the data warehouse with an e-commerce platform or have a management system communicate with the web portal.

The support we provide is not only for development but includes, where required, interventions of  evolutionary maintenance   and / or corrective on existing systems.

To exploit the full potential of technologies, companies must overcome a series of complex systems integration challenges, both within the organization itself and with external partners, suppliers and customers. Project360's system integration specialists can help companies manage the complexity inherent in technology and successfully address business challenges through technology integration - through distinct services or complete solutions.

We offer consulting and implementation services to help companies better manage their technology structures and portfolio of technology assets.



Manage your applications and services in an integrated manner, exploiting all the potential of the cloud. You can automate the entire delivery, maintenance and upgrade process for your customers and provide them with data storage and backup services 


You can make different application layers and their server environments talk to each other, taking advantage of

all the potential of a

integrated system


Using  the ready-made libraries released by the main software and app developers, you can easily and quickly integrate and / or redesign the dialogue between your business applications and those of third parties that you consider most useful 



The efficient integration of databases generated by systems not configured to communicate with each other is a fundamental prerequisite to fully exploit the potential of the systems and solutions you use to manage your business

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